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I've lost my pet, what now?

The most important thing you can do is to visit us frequently to ensure that you are checking the kennels for your dog. In the interim, you are welcome to fill in a form with your pet's details.

Lost Animals

While we strive to reunite pets with their owners, it's important to note that the ultimate responsibility lies with the owner to report and check with us. We genuinely want to help, but we cannot be held accountable if animals are not reclaimed.

To help us in our efforts, we kindly ask you to complete our Lost Report, provide as much information as possible, and attach a photograph of your pet. This valuable information enhances our chances of identifying and reuniting pets with their rightful families.

In the event that stray companion animals, such as cats and dogs, are not claimed within 96 hours (as per the municipal pound time), or stray farmyard animals within 30 days, we may consider them for adoption, ensuring they find safe and loving homes.

When claiming your pet, please be aware that a statutory municipal fee will be charged. This fee covers the pound fee, transportation costs, microchip, and any veterinary expenses incurred during their stay with us.


  • Speak to your neighbours directly.

  • Make flyers and distribute them in your neighbourhood.

  • Send a recent photo to your neighbourhood Whatsapp and other social media groups. 

  • Speak to your Neighbourhood Watch and ask everyone to be on the look-out for your pet. Provide patrollers with a recent photograph of your missing pet.

  • Report the missing pet to ALL of the veterinary practices in and around your area.

  • Report the missing pet to ALL animal welfare organisations. Each organization operates independently, so reporting to multiple entities ensures a comprehensive search.

Should you find your lost pet, please do contact us so that we may update our records.

Found Animals

A person who rescues a stray animal is obliged to admit the animal to the Municipal Pound. Finders may not retain possession of the found animal unless due process has been followed.

Should you find a stray animal, please contact us on 0112659935 or complete the found form. Should you require that we collect the animal, please contact us directly so that we may assist you as soon as possible.

If you are able to bring the animal in to us, a staff member is always on duty to assist.

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