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Sponsor a Kennel

What happens when you sponsor a kennel?

Your donation would assist us greatly in providing for the well-being and medical care of the animals in our kennels while they continue to wait for a new home of their own.

Our SPCA uses 120 kg of dog food per day just to feed the adult dogs in our care. We have 85 kennels in total which means that we can have anything between 100 – 150 animals in our care at any given time. On a daily basis, we need to feed and house our animals, provide enrichment toys to prevent stress, conduct daily health checks in our clinic, use disinfectants to prevent disease, wash blankets and not to mention that monthly maintenance that is required to ensure that our kennels are always safe for our animals. As you can imagine, all these items cost a great deal of funds to ensure that our animals have the best possible care at all times!

When you sign up for a kennel sponsorship, a special plaque will be erected with the wording of your choice. As an example, this can be to honour a loved one, your newly adopted pet, a past pet or even a special occasion in your life, or your company logo.

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