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Be an SPCA Fundraiser!

We often have our hands full while protecting animals from cruelty and don't have the manpower to focus on raising the funds that keep our doors open. You can be the hands that we need to keep our dream alive!

Set up your online fundraising page through GivenGain

  1. Click:

  2. Click: Start Fundraising

  3. If you are taking part in a specific event then select from the list.

  4. If you are setting up your own fundraiser then click: Skip this step, I’m not fundraising as part of an event.

  5. Set up your Fundraising project. Add a description of what you are doing and add some photos.

  6. Set the target that you would like to raise.

  7. Once you are happy, click: Looks good, make it live.

  8. Make sure to share the link to your fundraiser on your social media pages as well as with family and friends.

All donations are paid straight to Midrand SPCA.

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