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Preventing Cruelty

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Reporting Cruelty

Contact the SPCA by clicking below

Please note that our emails are not monitored after hours or over weekends.

By reporting cruelty, you help free them from suffering.

We depend on people like you to be our ‘eyes and ears’ in your community, but we can only act on cruelty if you let us know about it. All cruelty complaints are treated anonymously, and your details will remain confidential.

Finding a Stray Animal

A person who rescues a stray animal is obliged to admit the animal to the Municipal Pound.

Finders may not retain possession of the found animal unless due process has been followed.

Option A: 

1. Try to secure the animal.

2. Call the SPCA to collect the animal. 

3. Wait with the animal until we have arrived. 

Option B: 

1. Bring the animal to the SPCA. A staff member is always on duty to assist.

2. Complete the "Found Form" at the SPCA.

3. Surrender the animal.

Disclaimer: Please read the terms and conditions for surrendering an animal below.

As the dedicated pound master for the Midrand area, the Midrand SPCA is here to provide essential services on behalf of the City of Johannesburg. We warmly encourage the reporting of stray or found animals to us, as we understand that this is often the first place where concerned owners turn to in search of their beloved companions. Your cooperation plays a vital role in reuniting lost pets with their families, and together, we can bring comfort and relief to both humans and their furry friends.

Surrendering your pet

At the Midrand SPCA, every animal is welcomed with open arms. We understand that circumstances can change, and if you find yourself unable to provide care for your pet any longer, please bring them to us. We are here to support you during this difficult decision.

When surrendering your pet, we kindly ask that you complete our Admission form and sign our surrender statement. To ensure the well-being of the animals in our care, we require the person surrendering the pet to be over 18 years of age.

We want to emphasize that there is no charge for surrendering an animal. However, we deeply appreciate any donation you can make towards their ongoing care and well-being. Your generosity helps us provide the necessary support, love, and attention they deserve.

Rest assured, your pet will be embraced into our compassionate environment, where our dedicated team will strive to find them a loving home. Your trust in us is valued, and we are committed to ensuring the best possible outcome for every animal entrusted to our care.

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